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5 Tips For Regaining Your Confidence After Divorce

If you are a rich, famous, connected, and beautiful woman with a strong family supporting you — like Maria Shriver — you might experience divorce differently than the average schlub. For the rest of us, the most important thing is just surviving. Continue reading

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The Agony and Ecstasy — Mostly Agony — of Voting

My first vote on Tuesday will be against my economic self-interest. My second vote will be enveloped in something worse than the stench of decay. Continue reading

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11 Reasons Why Richard and Emily are the Real Stars of “Gilmore Girls”

When you are the dad of girls, you do things you had not planned on doing. For instance, when Thing 2 was in middle school, she and I bonded over “Gilmore Girls.” We never finished watching the series, but when … Continue reading

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10 Reasons to Hate the Ampersand

The ampersand is the Bob Benson of punctuation. It tries too hard by half to please. “Look at me! I’m here,” it screams from the page. I see you, ampersand. Just go away. Continue reading

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My Declaration of Independence from the Word “Your”

I might just want a goddamned V-8 instead of the same fucking orange juice you place in front of my cakehole every morning like I’m some kind of eating, pissing, and shitting robot. Continue reading

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Middle-Aged Dating Nightmare (Episode 1)

A first-person account of a mature woman’s dating disaster (“My Naked Truth” by Robin Korth) has been making its way around the Interwebs, for good reason. Robin’s description of her short-lived relationship with a tool named Dave reads like a recipe for “Dating Shit Pie.” Continue reading

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The (Literary) Novel Is Dead! Wait, Was It Ever Alive?

Yesterday I received a tweet from a news organization based across the Atlantic Ocean from BFE, alerting me to a story about how the income of British “working writers” is decreasing. The story was linked to an address given by … Continue reading

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