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Top 20 Tips for Choosing and Maintaining a Divorce Shack

You have kids, Thing 1 and Thing 2, who have not reached their majority. You love the crap out of them. You are not planning on leaving BFE or wherever the hell you live and deserting them. And so… You have decided to focus on the health and well-being of your children instead of burning down everything you once held dear.
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The Divorced Dad’s Guide to Sleepovers

No, we are not talking about when your 10-year old invites 12 of his friends from school to sleep on your living room floor after demolishing half of the first floor with boy stickiness and slime. Continue reading

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Middle-Aged Dating Nightmare (Episode 1)

A first-person account of a mature woman’s dating disaster (“My Naked Truth” by Robin Korth) has been making its way around the Interwebs, for good reason. Robin’s description of her short-lived relationship with a tool named Dave reads like a recipe for “Dating Shit Pie.” Continue reading

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The (Literary) Novel Is Dead! Wait, Was It Ever Alive?

Yesterday I received a tweet from a news organization based across the Atlantic Ocean from BFE, alerting me to a story about how the income of British “working writers” is decreasing. The story was linked to an address given by … Continue reading

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The (Latest) Literary Canon Wars and The Thing About Writers

On this morning’s Meditation While Jogging, I could not get the subject of “The Great New York Literary Subtweet War of 2014” out of my head. This “war” broke out last week when some guy wrote a blog disparaging a … Continue reading

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Sylvan Esso Performs “Hey Mami” on Some Guy’s Roof in Brooklyn

C’mon, don’t be a Brooklyn hipster hater like that! People gotta express themselves and let their freak flags fly. Plus, old folks like Paul Krugman and me know what rockin’ shoes like this chick’s gonna wreak a lot of payback … Continue reading

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