I Am (Temporarily) at a Loss for Words

ImageWhen you write in an office all day, you need to be able to clear your mind to write on your own account outside the office. Events and trends in the past few weeks have flooded my mind with so many words and pictures and memories and emotions that I am only now starting to find the place where I can focus and compose.

Here’s what’s been on my mind:

  • Coming so close to getting fired that my job had been offered to someone else, who turned it down.
  • Recovering from almost getting fired to being handed some pretty meaty responsibilities.
  • Strategically bobbing, twisting, and weaving on a growing controversy at work.
  • Having one of my children, from whom I have been estranged for three years, return to my life and work on building a bridge back to me.
  • Preparing emotionally for my oldest child to graduate from college.
  • Watching Don Draper transformed from the most interesting character on television to one of the least interesting characters.
  • Watching the kabuki performances of Democratic and Republican leaders sink to new levels of rank dishonesty.
  • Trying to express what it was like the day Elvis died (seriously).
  • Christ, I feel that I am about to become a curmudgeon, so I better just stop writing and go back to my corner until I can find my mojo. So sorry.

About Stephen Dedalus, Jr.

I am trying to awaken from the history of my ancestor's nightmare to comment on my Holy Trinity of Interests: art, literature, and music. Oh, and thoughts on dysfunctional families, which is to say families.
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