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Family Band of the Year!

YouTube caption: “Dicken feat. Milah & Korben: ‘Everything Counts.’ Pretty sure no CGI work.

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The One About Why 1968 Sucked

My guess is that, for the average 10-year old, memories are highly selective. As an adult, what you remember about being 10 years old will rely upon the experiences of your immediate family, close friends and certain other inner-circle types … Continue reading

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The Mature Reader

Long story short: I ended up with my daughter’s Kindle, which has several novels loaded onto it for last year’s school reading. One of the books is Slaughterhouse 5 by Kurt Vonnegut, a book I was assigned in high school … Continue reading

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Living Alone (Part 2)

When you live with others and attempting to put together a dinner for friends and/or family – even if it’s just you and your pre-adolescent children – one of the considerations – perhaps even 75 percent of the consideration – … Continue reading

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Everybody Should Get Fired (At Least Once)

My oldest child is about the graduate from college, which means, from a parent’s perspective, that this kid is about to get tossed into the grinder of the worst job market for young people since the invention of job markets … Continue reading

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Reporting on the Sausage Factory

I read far too much financial reporting for my own good. Part of this sentiment springs from my own dislike of economics (I entered college as an economics major, learned why it is called the “dismal science,” and changed majors). … Continue reading

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